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Wizard Spellz Drop 3

Please see how to buy Cardano NFTs if you are new to Cardano NFTs.

Do not send ADA from an exchange! Your NFT will be lost.
If the wrong amount is sent, you will be refunded.
If the Spellz sell out before your place in the queue, you will be refunded.

Once sent, your transaction will be processed in the order received, and a Spell will be minted when it is your turn.

Wizard Spellz Drop FAQ

Do not send from an exchange! NFT will be lost. See how to buy.

Wen drop?

Drop 3 will be available to purchase on October 1st at 15:00 UTC.

How can I buy Spellz?

When the sale begins, an address will be revealed in Discord, Twitter, and on this page.

The address will not be posted anywhere else, please do not trust addresses DMed or posted in other channels.

Fore more detailed information, see how to buy.

How many NFTs can I buy?

You may only buy one Wizard Spell per transaction, but there is no limit to how many transactions you can send. The metadata size for these NFTs is a little too large for us to safely send you more than one at a time.

When will I receive my NFT?

You should anticipate some delay after your ADA is sent. Depending on the levels of demand we are experiencing when you make your purchase, you may have to wait up to a few hours to receive your NFT.

Our minting system is tuned to process approximately 200 Spellz per hour, in order to mitigate against the large metadata and high demand. We apologize for this delay, but hope you will enjoy your Spellz enough to be worth the wait!

How much do your NFTs cost?

Each drop will be run to its conclusion and then the sale will be paused while any remaining Spellz are sent to their Wizards. Once all NFTs are out, the next drop will be announced and begin shortly afterwards.

Drops will happen in succession, with each drop occurring very shortly after the previous drop has been fully minted out. There will be announcements with about 30 minutes warning when the next drop is starting.

Drop 1555 NFTs at ₳10
Drop 21000 NFTs at ₳20
Drop 32000 NFTs at ₳30
Drop 44000 NFTs at ₳30
Drop 58000* NFTs at ₳30
*555 NFTs from Drop 5 were pre-pulled at the same random odds as all others in order to facilitate promotions and give Spellz to the team.

Are these NFTs an investment in a game?

No, none of our NFTs are investments. Wizard Spellz and all other Wizard Crypt NFTs and FTs are sold and distributed as digital collectibles and are not an investment in any project or plans. There is no expectation of any kind of investment returns on these NFTs.

Plans laid out on the roadmap page and elsewhere are merely us sharing our ideas of something we’d like to build in the near future.

Get Help With Any Issues

If you have any questions or run into any issues during the process, please do not hesitate to reach out on Discord or Twitter!

Make sure you stake your wallet to a Small Pool Operator (SPO) so you earn your passive yields for holding ADA! Keep in mind there is no penalty for staking on Cardano. You may still send and receive funds freely!



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