How to buy Cardano NFTs (CNFTs)

Buying Cardano NFTs is easy, but not obvious! So we’ve put together a little guide to help.
If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask questions on Discord!

Get a Shelley-Era
Cardano Wallet

Cardano Wallets

The first step is to create a Cardano wallet. Only Shelley-Era Cardano wallets support NFTs. Never try to buy an NFT from an exchange! There is a very good chance your NFT will be lost to the void if you do, as exchanges do not yet support NFTs on Cardano.

Although any Shelley-Era Cardano wallet will work, we recommend using a wallet that supports smart contracts. Currently this includes CCVault, GeroWallet, Typhon, and Nami.

Acquire ADA and send it
to your New Wallet


Once you have a wallet, the next task is to buy some ADA which is usually done on an exchange. Then you can send that ADA to your new Cardano wallet.

Do not leave your ADA on the exchange. Transfer it to your own wallet! NFTs cannot be purchased on exchanges, and usually will take most of your staking yields for themselves!

Here are some of the most popular exchange choices.


This is a very popular exchange. The fees are low and it supports direct transfers in most countries. Requires KYC.


A popular exchange that does not require KYC for use in the United States. Relatively low fees.


Another exchange offering no no KYC requirement for small purchases.


Higher fees, but quick and simple way to buy ADA with other cryptocurrencies. Requires KYC.

Please not there are many other exchanges, and there are also many scam exchanges on the market, and some that only let you withdraw very large amounts. Please do your research and don’t get your money lost or stuck! Reach out on Discord with any questions!

How to Buy Cardano NFTs (CNFTs)

Buying an NFT can be a little bit different depending on the project you are buying.

With our drops, and many other drops, it is simply a matter of sending a specified amount of ADA to a specified Cardano wallet address at the time of the drop.

Some projects involve their website in the drop, but the principal is the same. Once you click buy on the website, you should be presented with an address and amount of ADA to send.

Don’t ever send ADA to unofficial sources! Scammers will often pretend to be giving the sale address during a popular CNFT sale. Don’t fall for it!

Once you have sent the appropriate amount of ADA, the minting server will get to work creating your NFT and sending it directly to your wallet. That’s all you have to do!

If you send ADA after the drop sells out, or if you send the wrong amount of ADA, most systems will automatically send you a refund minus the blockchain fees. Generally this will only be processed after the initial rush of orders is processed.

Don’t get scammed by sending to receive addresses from unofficial sources. Always get the address from an official source such as here on our website, Twitter, or Discord Announcements channel.

How to view your Cardano NFTS

Cardano Blockchain Viewers

Most wallets don’t support viewing Cardano NFTs. Some of them will show you a thumbnail, but the best way to experience your NFT is by providing your receiving address to a dedicated blockchain viewer.

Currently, the primary way of viewing your NFTs is through While some wallets will show a thumbnail of your NFT, many wont, and only show you raw metadata or asset IDs.

We use Pool to visualize this data in a friendly way, so just add your receiving address to this URL to view your own wallet live on the Cardano blockchain:


A mobile app that you can also use to view your NFTs.

Stake your Cardano Wallet

Always Stake!

Whenever you hold ADA, you should definitely be staking it! There is no penalty for staking your ADA, and you do not have to give up your custody of it! You will simply gain approximately 5% annual yield on all the ADA you hold in your wallet, no strings attached.

Picking a Stake Pool

When you pick a small stake pool (one that is significantly below saturation), you support the decentralization of Cardano. While your rewards will be less frequent, they will be bigger to make up for it.

Check out if you want to see what Cardano Stake Pool options are out there.



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