Wizard Spellz

Mesmerizing, fully on-chain
animations on Cardano

Completely unique CSS animated NFTs
representing abilities in Wizard Crypt,
a browser-based roleplaying game

Wizard Spellz Traits

Each Wizard Spell is comprised of 7 traits: Core, Element(s), Range, Speed, Duration, Potency, Turbulence, and Attribute, with many options varying in rarity.

As Wizard Spellz sell, funds are being set aside to develop a browser-based, blockchain-friendly play to earn roleplaying NFT game. Wizard Crypt will be focused on point and click exploration, party building, and creature collecting.

Randomly Generated
HTML + CSS Animations

Each Wizard Spellz NFT is made up of Python-generated HTML markup and CSS styles stored entirely on the Cardano blockchain.

There are approximately fifty-eight quadrillion precise trait combinations possible, and even more exact possibilities within each of them, so you can be absolutely certain yours is completely unique.

Owners of Spellz may do whatever they want with both the animation and code, and we will show you how.

Some things we’ll show you how to do include adding your own photos and artwork to the Spell, adjusting the speed and colors, and more. Because the animation is 100% CSS, you should find it more approachable to make changes to than JavaScript based animations.

Be a part of blockchain history and conjure the first CSS animation NFT on Cardano today!

There will be a maximum of 15,555 Wizard Spellz. Each Spell has a Drop number. Earlier drop numbers are entitled to a higher portion of a future game token distribution.

Currently, Drops are paused. An updated roadmap and additional information about our team will be released in the near future.

Drop 1555 NFTs at ₳10
Drop 21000 NFTs at ₳20
Drop 32000 NFTs max
at ₳30
Drop 44000 NFTs max
at ₳TBA
Drop 5555 Promo NFTs
7445 NFTs max
at ₳TBA
*555 NFTs from Drop 5 were pre-pulled at the same random odds as all others in order to facilitate promotions and give random Spellz to the team.

The final metadata including all HTML and CSS that Wizard Spellz are comprised of is kept under 16kb. This way, the art and animation can be stored entirely on chain in the NFT itself.

As a result, these animated, code-based NFTs have absolutely no reliance on IPFS or any other resources. The only thing you need is a modern browser and your blockchain viewing tool of choice, such as the fantastic Pool.pm.

Please note that the next drop will begin shortly after the previous drop ends. There will be a delay in between each drop in order to fully mint the previous drop and adjust the system to the new drop.



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