Wizard Crypt CNFT Drop History

This page contains a full history of every NFT ever officially distributed by Wizard Crypt, along with the price and how they were distributed.

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Spell 00003Wizard Spellz

15,555 Unique Animations
Drop 3 is live

Drop 1555 NFTs at ₳10 (5 minutes)
Drop 21000 NFTs at ₳20 (28 hours)
Drop 32000 NFTs at ₳30
Drop 44000 NFTs at ₳30
Drop 58000* NFTs at ₳30
*555 NFTs from Drop 5 were pre-pulled at the same random odds as all others in order to facilitate promotions and give Spellz to the team.
Wizard Spellz Fully On-Chain Cardano NFTs
Wizard Spellz, our biggest project. 15,555 Uniquely Generated CSS animations.
The Cool Doge, a collaboration token with OutOfTheWorld!

The Cool Doge

The Cool Doge
5 Supply
July 2021 Collab with OutOfTheWorld
Given out for various giveaways
Still 1 left to be distributed


Fungible, 420 Supply
Sold out 8/26/2021
Sold through Wizard Crypt Discord
2.5+Dust with quantity discounts available

Non-Fungible, 69 Supply
58 left to distribute
Given randomly to WIZDOGE Holders & other giveaways.

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WIZDOGE, one of the earliest tokens produced by Wizard Crypt.
WIZDOGE, a fungible token with 420 supply.
Adogealotl, a contest winner of BrownNFT


Adogealotl #0
Given to TelFiRE for winning giveaway.

Adogealotl #1
Sold on 7/10/2021
Auctioned on BrownNFT’s Server
Sold for 69 ADA

Adogealotl #2
Given to Brown for hosting giveaway.

Time Rapids

The first NFT produced by Wizard Crypt. Ten 1/1 color variants.

Time Rapids – Blue
Donated on 7/1/2021
Donated to Brett Dunn Family Charity Auction

Time Rapids – Acidity
Sold on 7/4/2021
Charity Auction on Blizzeffect Discord
Sold for 45 ADA

Time Rapids – Neon
Wizard Crypt Server Giveaway

Time Rapids – Adversity
Auction on Flowers for Lovelace Discord
Sold for 40 ADA

Time Rapids, the first NFT ever minted by Wizard Crypt
Neon variant of Time Rapids, the first NFT ever minted by Wizard Crypt

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