The Cardano NFT Meme Crypt

WIZDOGE, one of the earliest tokens produced by Wizard Crypt.
WIZDOGE, an early fungible token that was produced by Wizard Crypt. 420 Supply.

Back in my day…

In the earlier days of Cardano NFTs, TelFiRE got a reputation for DOGEing other projects. He went into virtually every NFT’s Discord channels and made DOGE memes from their work.

So it was only natural that a few of Wizard Crypt’s first NFTs were DOGE meme related. We will continue to release NFTs here and there which feature original memes and miscellaneous artwork. These will be aside from the main Wizard Crypt project and will generally not feature utility.

The very beginning

The very first NFT ever produced by Wizard Crypt was Time Rapids. This piece was released as an expression of how quickly time can pass. The name of the piece is Drowning in Time Rapids, a feeling all too familiar to the artist, TelFiRE.

Ten were minted, each a unique color variant. Art pieces like this may resurface from time to time, though they will not be a major focus of the Wizard Crypt project.

Time Rapids, the first NFT ever minted by Wizard Crypt
Neon variant of Time Rapids, the first NFT ever minted by Wizard Crypt
WIZDOGE Pimp, an NFT created to reward holders and supporters.
WIZDOGE PIMP, an NFT created to reward holders and supporters. 69 Supply.

Airdrops and bonuses

We really love to reward our holders. We sincerely appreciate and adore the fact that people are willing to spend their valuable ADA on our work. Airdrops and other bonuses go out regularly to holders.

There will be additional rewards for the closest fans who join and participate in the Discord, as well as email subscribers.



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