Wizard Crypt Terms of Service

Wizard Crypt NFTs

All Wizard Crypt tokens, both fungible and non-fungible, are sold as a digital collectible with authenticity verified by the blockchain. No tokens are sold with any implied expectation of monetary value or investment returns. The visions shared in the roadmap are merely concepts of something we would like to build with our profits from the sale; you are not investing in those projects directly and no guarantees of their realization are made. Our NFTs are simply digital collectibles meant to be enjoyed.

Wizard Spellz Copy Rights

The individual that controls a wallet containing a Wizard Spellz NFT from the project policy ID 270a4b2c5d896c53ebeb241e111a60b590f2cecc32a204c3567a47c9 on the Cardano Blockchain is deemed its rightful owner. The rightful owner is granted the exclusive rights to the unique code contained within the NFT, and may modify, use, copy, display, and distribute that art for any purpose including commercial gain.

If the NFT is transferred to a new wallet under a different individual’s possession, the future rights to it are forfeited, and the individual newly in control of the wallet containing the Wizard Spellz NFT becomes the rightful owner.

Nothing in this license is intended to confer any rights to use, modify, or distribute any Wizard Spellz NFT that is not located in a Cardano wallet controlled by the individual. The rights conferred by this license may not be distributed or transferred without also transferring control of the NFT.



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