Wizard Crypt Roadmap

A pathway towards a crypt entrance, representing Wizard Crypt's roadmap.
Image is licensed, not Wizard Crypt art.

A brief overview for now

A very detailed internal roadmap exists, but something more presentable ( and less full of secrets 😉 ) is being worked on.

In the meantime, we wanted to give at least a general idea of where we’re going with this project. The full extent of the plans cannot possibly be realized without funding, and that is what we hope Wizard Spellz will do for us.

A key tenet of this project is accessibility. Thus, we will not be requiring Wizard Spellz or any other NFT for people to play the base game. However, the NFTs we release will offer great utility within the game, and grant early access to certain features.

Background info

As a kid I used to play Neopets, and my mom still plays it to this day. While the site had its problems, at its core was a very fun idea with a lot of enjoyable aspects.

There were the pets themselves of course, their version of a party building RPG, and lots of mini games and ways to earn the virtual currency that you could put into improving your team.

In particular I also really latched onto the concept of exploring the world and discovering new places with new micro activities and secrets hidden in the maps.

Neopets also featured many Flash based games, and another thing that occupied a lot of my time as a teen was Newgrounds. I was a huge fan of the funny shorts, and in particular, the simple but addicting games.

While Flash isn’t on the table any more, and things have advanced beyond the level of polish that Neopets was able to provide, the spirit of these projects is something shine through in the development of Wizard Crypt.

You will be a part of making this happen, and there will be many opportunities to provide feedback on the direction we are headed.

An archway into the Wizard Crypt
Image is licensed, not Wizard Crypt art.

The Game

This project has been in my head for a very long time. It is something I have put a lot of thought and planning into. In fact I’ve intended to build this since before cryptocurrency even existed.

It won’t be delivered right away. It must be approached methodically and with the time and care it deserves, the Cardano way.

It begins with exploration. You will discover zones and traverse them to gain access to shopkeepers, minigames, and other exciting surprises. If you’re first to discover certain things you’ll be commemorated with a unique NFT. As you make your way through the zones and new zones are released, you’ll experience cool art as you discover continual new activities, build up your arsenal, and push toward the Wizard Crypt.

You will construct a party from various types of companions who’ll help you accomplish your goals. If you want, you can join groups and guilds with other players to accomplish bigger objectives.

As we make our way forward, it will be possible for cooler and cooler features to be discovered. Pending the project’s continued success, this will include combat encounters (most likely turn-based) of both the player versus AI and player versus player nature.

All kinds of browser minigames, including puzzles, card games, racing, platformer, and arcade type games are possibilities for expansion, and the rewards from all of these will feed back into your party.

A more traditional roadmap will follow.

It’s up to you

If Spellz do well, there is no reason this and more can’t become a reality. Since it is modular by design, the simpler features can be implemented more quickly, and then cooler stuff can follow. It will be built to be played mostly in a browser. Down the line, there may be more to it than just that.

But we don’t want you to buy the Spellz based solely on the roadmap, which is only a possibility. We want you to buy them because you find them as mesmerizing as we did while building them.

So the question is, do you like the Spellz? Do they make you feel something as they do for us? If enough of you say yes, then this just might happen…



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